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The time has finally come...

I think I have finally decided that I am going to be selling off most of my collection. It was a really long and difficult decision, but I think I'm resolute in my final decision due to many reasons:

1) The spark when I'm trying to find new Piplups or even when I do find new Piplups has faded.
2) All the clutter and space that my plushes take up have been bothering me.
3) It's difficult to maintain my plushes in a condition that I would like because my boyfriend's dog is very good at finding ways to get to my plushes. That adds a whole bunch of stress.
4) My interest in Pokemon in general has mostly faded.

I'm keeping a select few Piplup plushes that I either really like or were gifts, but the rest will be sold. I'm going to keep most of my Growlithe customs, and I will sell most of my Sandiles. I've also asked my brother if he wants any of my plushes, and he has laid claim to some.

I don't think I'll ever stop loving Pokemon completely; it'll always have a special place in my heart. And I don't think I'll stop following PKMNCollectors either. I'll probably still lurk every now and then, and maybe snatch up some custom Growlithes in the meantime. x]

I'm wondering though... my collection is huge given that Piplup itself has a ton of plushes. On top of that, Piplup is not that popular of a Pokemon (compared to say... Eeveelutions or Raichu). Whenever I put my collection up for sale, which style would you recommend?

A) Individual items all up for straight sale.
B) Individual items all up for auction.
C) Items separated into lots for straight sale.
D) Items separated into lots for auction.
E) Some amalgamation of all of the above.

I've been trying to decide which way to go about this, since both ways have their pros and cons. A major pro of selling/auctioning everything individually is that I'd probably end up getting more money that way, and sometimes people only want one certain thing and won't purchase a lot just to get it. However, the major con of selling/auctioning everything individually is that finding everything for different quotes and weighing them over and over again to give prices is really, really annoying; if I sold everything by lots, the weights would be set for that lot, and I won't have to go pull random plushes to weigh.


On the bright side, tomorrow (er... later today, I guess, since it's past 12 AM), my boyfriend and I will be heading to Green Lake Jewelry to speak with our ring designer to finalize my engagement ring design. Yay! That will be exciting!

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